Wednesday, February 6, 2019

100WC #1: Egg Disaster by Wayne

I was standing in the classroom, while the teacher was gone. We were mad while the teacher was gone, tossing each other eggs.

I wore a fringed dress. Well, it probably wasn’t a good idea to wear a dress while acting mad.

Uh oh, my egg hit one of the lights on the ceiling, and the room went black. I could hear one thing, kids screaming and something mysterious--It sounded like something washing off something, and the next thing I knew, PLOP! Some gooey and sticky thing stuck to my face. Oh god, the teacher would be angry about this.


  1. Great job! I wonder why the students were mad?

    1. It's actually the other "mad", when someone acts like a madman or madwoman. For example, the students were hitting each other, shouting, saying inappropriate words, ect. That's the "mad" I'm talking about.


100WC#2: The CRAZY recital by Wayne

I was nervous, and excited at the same time. I was standing, on the stage, with the black piano behind me. You can guess, I’m at a recital, ...